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Anita Le Grelle was born in Antwerp, Belgium, where she obtained a degree in graphic design and restyled numerous labels for consumer goods.

After her wedding, she moved to London where she raised her children, when the desire to create with her hands led her to follow the full British curriculum to become a sculptor. As a result she graduated from Royal College of Art, London, in year 2000. On many occasions, in London and Belgium, he has been showing her work full of inspired fantasy and supported by impeccable technical skills.

She moves back to Brussels in 2002 and settles in a house with a large studio where she carried on her work as a sculptor and exhibited in many different galleries. In 2013 she discovers pottery. With her remarkably intense energy she immediately explores numerous alleys of this passion. 

Following the enthusiastic demand for the pieces created by Anita, she decides to start her own company , Terres de Rêves that offers a large range of stylish household objects.

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Terres de Rêves designs porcelain and stoneware for the sophisticated homeowner. Handcrafted and created by the team as an artistic interpretation of how day-to-day objects can attain a level of creative expression, Terres de Rêves has become synonymous with the luxury contemporary home.

Anita le Grelle is Belgian, born and raised in Antwerp. After her degree in graphic design and a promising career in Brussels, she moved to London to follow her husband. Whilst raising her five children, she progressively became eager to express her creativity, confronting her hands with matter.

She followed a full British curriculum, focusing on sculpture, and graduated from the Royal College of Art in 2000. In 2002 she settles in Brussels and set ups her home studio, carrying on the work she started across the Channel. As a sculptor Anita relentlessly explores creativity, defining her own world of inspired fantasy – exhibiting across Europe, displaying a series of pieces crafted with impeccable technical skills.

In 2013, she haphazardly experiments with pottery. It is a revelation, perfectly suited to the highly practical component of her personality. She proceeded to create charming and tasteful enamelled bowls, cups, plates and dishes, which immediately attracted numerous professionals. After many bespoke orders, Anita turned a passion project into her business, building Terres de Rêves into an internationally renowned company thanks to the help of Serax.

Today Anita designs homeware collections and continues to create bespoke ceramics for the world’s most demanding clients, all handcrafted in her Brussels studio open to visitors.

Special thanks to our mentor Daniel Lebard who has been so generous with us the last 3 years and Jonathan Steelandt for the photography.




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Anita Le Grelle
Co-Founder – Artist

Pauline Meeus
Manager – Artist

Louis Meeus
Co-Founder – Designer